‘TABA: There (and Back Again)’ – 2014 – 2015

Arts Council Funded ‘There (and Back Again)’ is our first theatrical exchange between Young People & Elders from Enfield London and the Sahrawi Youth Theatre & Land Mine centre on the Refugee Camps.

In October 2014 we partnered with TigerMonkey UK and began work with a group of young people from Chase Community School. Responding to the images, poems and proverbs from our publication ‘Sahrawi Spirit’ and a number of images and world myths our youth group created an original and thrilling piece of promenade theatre. Working with the same material we also engaged with a number of elders from a local residential care home Spring View and led by artist Magda the elders created a number of sculptures.

In February 2015 we shared themes and stories created by the London groups with our Sahrawi Youth Theatre and in response they created a moving piece of theatre exploring the love story of Bashiri & Mariam, a couple who are separated by a strong wind and their long arduous journey back to each other. This performance was taken out of the camps into the Sahara Desert Dunes and performed to an international audience of marathon runners. We also worked alongside elders from the Land Mine Centre who shared tales of the nomadic times, poetry and created a sculpture alongside Alyan a local Sahrawi artist.

Below is a video of our 2015 project in partnership with TigerMonkey, shot by Frena Kidane.

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