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Becky Finlay Hall is Olive Branch Arts resident HCPC registered drama & movement therapist & Clinical Creative Arts Supervisor.

I trained at The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama and gained my MA in Sesame Dramatherapy in March 2012, in 2019 I returned to complete my CAST Creative Arts Supervision Training. I run a private therapy and supervision practice for individuals in Muswell Hill. I am currently training as a Yoga Therapist at The Minded Institute and I am also Head of Creative Arts Therapies for the charity

My work around Refugees, Trauma Creativity & Dramatherapy has been presented at The Sesame Institute, University College London, London School of Economics Refugee Week, PPLG Conference Thessaloniki, Storytelling for Refuge/Storytelling as Refuge University of South Wales, Bristol Fair Saturday & Rebel Tuesdays London. I have published articles in the Sesame Journal & have featured on The Chiminea Show ‘PTSD Special’ on Riverside Radio.

What is Drama & Movement Therapy?

Simply put creativity is healing. Drama & Movement Therapy uses Mythology, Story making, Art, Music, Dance, Breath work, Meditation & Creative Expression to explore feelings. A degree of talking & self-reflection makes up the session but the unique offering of this style of therapy is its ability to move out of the spoken word into a creative embodied language, a language we all possess even if forgotten or hidden.

The materials I bring will be in relationship to the issues, feelings & energy of the previous sessions.

“In many shamanic societies if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited or depressed, they would ask one of four questions. When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?”

Who is it for?

Anyone who has ever moved, heard a story, told a story, hummed or made sound.

It’s for everybody.


Individual 1-1 therapy and supervision for Health Care Professionals currently run on Zoom and in Muswell Hill North London.

1-1 Therapy
If you are seeking 1-1 Therapy & would like to explore the benefits of Drama & Movement Therapy please contact us here for a consultation.

This initial meeting is in person so we can explore your needs & offer an insight into Drama & Movement Therapy. It also gives the therapist & client an opportunity to get a sense of each other, this style of therapy & to establish a working relationship.

50-minute Consultation: Full Price £60; Student/Low income £50
60-minute Session: Full Price £65; Student/Low income £55
24 hours’ Cancellation Notice is needed.

If you are seeking creative supervision, please contact us here.

60-minute In Person Session: Full Price £65; New Graduate/Low income £55
60-minute Zoom Session: Full Price £55; New Graduate/Low income £45


If you’re a school or youth setting & would like to organise a block of group Dramatherapy or make a 1-1 referral please contact us here. Dramatherapy works with all kinds of issues including self-harm, anxiety, pressure, anger, confidence, bereavement, and risky behaviour. Young people respond remarkably well to Dramatherapy and group work can be very powerful.

We are happy to visit you to discuss the 1-1 or group therapy referral process.


We currently run groups for three private care homes across North London. If you are a manager or activities organiser and would like to find out more about drama and movement therapy for your residents please contact us here.

Dramatherapy & Elders

Having a space to exercise the body, mind & spirit is of vital importance to the wellbeing and health of our elders. Dramatherapy allows a group to explore and connect with the outside world (which is currently diminishing) through storytelling and mythology.

We work with groups that range from mild to severe dementia and others that include elders who have more physical needs. We can work with verbal or non-verbal groups and each session offers a regular exercise and sing-along. Every week a different theme is explored through a story and feelings and memories are shared.

The importance of the therapy space is to allow any deep-rooted issues or current fears to be expressed. We don’t push these feelings down but creatively engage with them allowing elders (who may not in their words want to ‘burden’ family and friends) to express them selves in a safe non-judgmental space.

The residents at Spring Grove Care Home get a huge amount out of the dramatherapy that we have here each week. The sessions provide a private space for the residents to share in stories and discussions, giving access for deeper feelings, thoughts and memories to surface. With the guidance and expertise of the therapist, residents might experience recognition, completion or celebration and allows for recollections of their lives to be heard and shared in a very meaningful way.”
Vivien – Activities Organiser, Spring Dene Care Home

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