October 2017 saw a team of four Olive Branch Artists return to the Sahrawi Refugee Camps to run ‘Sand & Vision’ our first Photographic & Music Project.

Photographer Emma Brown supported by Becky Finlay Hall & Sahrawi Artist Mohamed Sulaiman ran the Participatory, Photographic Training with nine budding Sahrawi photographers. The group came together over 10days to learn new skills & develop confidence around visual storytelling. The project culminated in an exhibition at Samara Refugee Camps Cultural Centre.

Musician Matt Smith ran workshops at Stave House in the Sahara & produced a soundtrack with Sahrawi musicians for the photography exhibition and performed with Sam Berkson at the first Sahrawi Hip-Hop festival.

Work continued on our next Photographic Publication with poet Sam Berkson writing poems to accompany our photos.

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