‘Sahrawi Spirit: People, Poems & Proverbs of the Sahrawi’ – 2014

October 2014 saw the publication and launch of our crowd-funded book ‘Sahrawi Spirit’. Olive Branch Associate Artist Emma Brown a London based Portrait and Humanitarian Photographer has been documenting our work in the Sahara since 2012 and ‘Sahrawi Spirit’ is a culmination of all of this work.

“Sahrawi Spirit, like no other book before it, captures the essence of this fascinating desert people and their rich cultural traditions.”

Stephen Zunes Professor of politics and Coordinator of Middle Eastern Studies – University of San Francisco

This publication is one of the ways we can raise awareness of the Sahrawi cause and is also an important fundraising tool to support the Sahrawi Community Artist Fund. This fund enables us to employ local Sahrawi artists during our projects on the camps. To date we have employed a number of musicians, filmmakers and artists who have all worked alongside our team creating original exciting work to enhance & enrich the youth theatres productions. Supporting the emerging economy on the camps and paying local artists for their skills is our way of supporting Sahrawi artists from within the refugee community.

Over a week in the Camden Collective Pop Up Gallery London we exhibited photographs from the book and received in excess of 500 people supporting our work.

To buy a copy of our book, please visit the Shop.

To buy Emma’s prints, please visit www.emmabrownphotography.com

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